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Most standard EV chargers still look and behave like a petrol pumps—because that’s what people are used to. But there is no logical argument for this practice, as EV batteries largely sit within a chassis at ground level.
MOLE is a new hands-free and cable-free way to charge an EV. Charging with a MOLE occurs at ground level where a connector attaches itself to the vehicle’s undercarriage. This new approach required us to challenge people’s preconceptions about EV charging and get them to start thinking about charging in a completely different way. Added to this, MOLE was a start-up with a great concept but without a brand or awareness. We needed to create a brand robust enough to stand-out in a dynamic and emerging market. We saw MOLE as a challenger brand—a David taking on the Goliath of conventional EV chargers.

EV charging as it always should have been designed. Mole is charging made simple.

The circular design of the MOLE became the creative device for the new logo, branding, and creative treatment. In turn, our logo design became integral to the product design. Everything about MOLE points to ease of use. It is cable-free, clutter-free, and hands-free. You simply park the vehicle over a MOLE and leave it to do the charging for you. We used animation to demonstrate the benefits for fleet and public charging, visual storytelling that was underpinned by the strapline “get over it/ charging made simple”.
We created a brand identity that has the energy and vibrancy to stand out in the cluttered, embryonic EV market. With three simple words and some striking imagery we communicated a whole new way to charge.

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