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The latest thoughts, news and inspiring stories in the world of April Six Mobility.


13 Jun 2024

April Six Mobility Welcomes Automotive Industry expert Martin Cox as New Creative Director

Future Mobility for Amp

3 Apr 2024

A sustainable future for Mobility goes beyond the switch from fossil fuel to electric or hydrogen, it requires shifting people away from car ownership and usage

3 marketing tactics for Amp

5 Mar 2024

Our research suggests that marketers are still finding social media and quality content as their biggest challenges...


28 Feb 2023

So they said it couldn’t be done, but when a new start up appeared on the American version of Dragon’s Den with a six-sided cube that rolled and gripped better than the shape perfected sometime in the late Neolithic period

Data or Da Vinci: Who's Painting Your Marketing Future?

22 Feb 2024

Alright, let's dive into this whirlpool of change, shall we? Picture this: the world is buzzing with the sound of another technological leap, and here we stand, at the fork in the road. AI in marketing? Now, that's something to chew on...

Engagement for AMP

16 Jan 2024

It seems today that everyone has a different approach to measuring and understanding success. Much of this might be driven by different marketing objectives, but our survey suggests that engagement is at the top of the priority list for many marketing folks.

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